REVIEW: Beautycounter Blush Duo in Bloom/Tulip

Happy #safebeautysaturday, dear readers! We’ve been having absolutely gorgeous weather in North Carolina, and I hope it’s here to stay!

If you’re looking to bloom, much like the camelia bush outside my windowpdp-colorsweepblushduo-bloom-tulip_selling-shot_528x962, I’ve got a blushing feature for you today, Beautycounter’s Color Blush Duo in Bloom/Tulip.

This ultra feminine duo is rich in pigment, finely milled, and blends on the cheeks superbly. The two pinks complement one another splendidly to give you the most flirty flush–think deeper cool pink mixed with a lighter shimmery pink. As I’ve mentioned with Beautycounter’s blush duos before, I love that you get a lot of product for your purchase that will last you such a long time. Of course, per all products on Jo Knows Beauty, this blush is non-toxic and safe for you.

I recommend this blush for all skin tones albeit I think it looks best on light to medium complexions. The color is pretty for darker skin tones, but the shimmer tends to look somewhat ashen.

You can pick up this beauty for $40 and many more blushes at Beautycounter’s website.

Have you used this product? Did you like it? I’d love to hear  your thoughts!

Until Next Time, Beautiful,
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REVIEW: Jane Iredale Quad Bronzer in Moonglow

If you’ve seen me in person, you know I am more on the pale side. Fortunately, I have an olive skin tone, so I’m not quite Casper status, but I don’t leave the house without applying bronzer and blush. I recently picked up Jane Iredale’s Quad Bronzers to add to my kit, and I don’t know how I did makeup without them at all. I can’t wait to finish out my current bronzer and make the switch.


There are three quad bronzers in various shades, but today, I am reviewing Moonglow. The bronzer has four triangle sections with a different color — a cool medium brown, a soft pearl gold, a cool pale pink, and a calmer burnt orange. Each shade is shimmery, but the pigments are finely milled, so it blends effortlessly onto the skin. When all colors are combined, it looks like a very natural sun-kissed bronze that works well on light to medium complexions. I also love that you can use the various shades separately to make a multi-purpose product if you wanted to. The colors would work well as eyeshadow or even highlight with the soft yellow gold or pale pink.

Of course, this #safebeautysaturday post wouldn’t be complete without letting you know that this bronzer is non-toxic, gluten free, and also vegan. You’re welcome, dear reader.

In future posts, I look forward to reviewing Jane’s other quad bronzers, but for now, with summer approaching, I think this little gem would be a great addition to your makeup bag. You can fetch it on Jane Iredale’s website for $48.00.

Have you tried this or other Jane Iredale’s products? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Makeup Artist

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REVIEW: Red Apple Lipstick Prime Time Eyeshadow Primer

As a makeup artist, I often get asked by clients, “Do you think primers are worth it?” Yes, I do, as long as they perform, and do what is intended. Between a face primer and an eye primer, however, I vote for an eye primer every time.

In this #safebeautysaturday post, I’m going to introduce to you Red Apple Lipstick’s safe, non-toxic eye primer.



Per the box, RAL’s Prime Time Eye Primer is gluten, paraben, cruelty, and allergen free. The primer itself is a nice creamy consistency that spreads on easily onto the eyelid.You can layer more or less as you like to ensure a perfectly clean slate for applying your eye shadow. My favorite thing about this primer is that the peachy color really lends to giving the eyelids a neutral color to build eye shadow looks on.



This little pot is available on Red Apple Lipstick’s website for $27. Don’t let the pricetag throw you though, you’ll probably be using this same pot of primer for the rest of your life as the portion is very generous!

Have you tried this product? If not, what’s your favorite eye shadow primer? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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REVIEW: Beautycounter Lip Sheers in Coral/Rose

Spring is on it’s way, you guys! I thought it would only be appropriate that for for my first #safebeautysaturday post in months I would feature a product that signals the beauty of the most blossoming time of year.

Beautycounter‘s Lip Sheers in Coral and Rose put the color into your Springtime beauty routine.

Coral, an orangey-pink, is one of the Beautycounter Lip Sheers that follows suite of a traditional lipstick in being more matte; however, unlike most lipsticks it still keeps your lips well hydrated. Swap out your winter shades for this flirty, feminine, and fun color available on Beautycounter’s website for $30.

beautycounter lip sheerRose, a soft magenta, can not only be used on every skin tone, but it is one of my go-to shades for clients! This girly pink-red tone will instantly warm up your sun-deprived, winter skin, and make you feel like a million bucks. It’s just a click away on Beautycounter’s website for $30.

beautycounter lip sheer

Did I mention the lip sheers are safe for you? Not a stitch of toxicity and all formulated with safe ingredients such as jojoba esters, real vanilla extract, and castor seed oil. Your lips with thank you.

What do you think of these shades? Would you try them out? I’d love to hear your thoughts below! 🙂

Makeup Artist

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What’s New at Jo Knows Beauty

I’m so embarrassed to say that my last post was FIVE months ago, which sounds about right considering my fiance was out of the country for that period of time, and then so much LIFE happened. One thing after another, and I couldn’t get back on the rhetorical horse.

I apologize for my lengthy absence of written word, but I am so happy to be back, and am really over the moon about all of the content I have planned for my readers in the coming months.

I have made some decisions regarding the blog for quality and consistency for you, dear readers, so check those out below:

  1. Blog posts will be published on Saturdays only for the time being!
  2.  Saturday posts will still be deemed #safebeautysaturday.
  3.  Each weekend you have to look forward to one of the following categories: a new, safe product review that I have tested out to be healthy, but also high-performing, makeup hacks, #lotd-makeup looks featuring non-toxic products, bits of advice, tips for a more natural lifestyle, and many others!

Thanks for reading and welcoming me back with open arms.

Joanne Maye
Makeup Artist

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REVIEW: 100 Percent Pure Luminous Creme in Northern Light/Starlight

Hi beautiful people! I realized I have severely slacked on my #safebeautysaturday posts, but I promise I will make it up to you today with a really lovely product!

Using natural cosmetics and safe alternatives can make it very difficult in the search for specific products, such as, luminizers and highlighters. Prior to being introduced to 100 Percent Pure, I didn’t really find any companies that had a highlighter that I felt matched either a wide array of skin tones, or that met a reasonable price point for consumers.

I read review after review before settling upon 100 Percent Pure’s Luminous Cremes in both Northern Light and Starlight.

It’s quite hard to see on the website, but Northern Light ($21) has a pink base, which reminds me of Benefit’s High Beam highlighter, but without all the nasty ingredients. It comes with an easy wand applicator to be applied directly on the skin. If you’re a pro makeup artist, however, I would first apply to a palette or to your sanitized hand for sanitary reasons. This shade is recommended this for fairer skin tones.LCNorth4_large

Starlight ($21), however, looks like it has a beige base via the image from the website, but in fact, comes out as a nice golden glow on the skin. I would recommend this products for medium to dark skin tones or anyone who has a nice base tan. If you can’t see your highlight from space, you’re not doing it right, right?! 😉

You’ll love these Luminizers because…

The product works well overall. It does dry quicker than most cream highlighters, which gives you less time to blend the product, but I find adding a small amount of a lightweight moisturizer assists in that issue. Secondly, I would apply this product last over top of your makeup instead of underneath, or within your foundation, because of the blending issue, but also, it seems to not have as much longevity as most other highlighters do. This isn’t a huge problem for me working as a pro artist when I am changing from look to look, but may be for someone who wants it to last all day or all night.

I can say though, I would rather have a safe product to use on my clients that needs a little bit of maneuvering and tweaking than using something that is harmful to the skin. Each product on the market has it’s pros and cons, of course.

I do hope you enjoyed this review! Have you used this product before? If so, what did you think?

Makeup Artist

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REVIEW: Beautycounter Color Sweep Blush Duo in Flamingo/Apricot


I love blush, probably, more than any other product. When people ask  me what is the one product you would want with you if you were stranded on a island, I normally say mascara, but a healthy, blushing glow is quite pretty (even if you are stranded alone on an island!). You will normally see me with quite a generous amount applied even if I don’t have any color on my eyes or lips, that’s just my must have.

beautycounter_color-sweep-blush-duo_flamingo-apricot_1534x1168_view1My blush crush right now is by Beautycounter (which means safe and healthy, too!). It’s their Color Sweep Blush Duo in Flamingo/Apricot.

Per the website, it’s a very vibrant bright coral paired with a softer, more subdued coral. Most people would say this is a summertime color, and I agree, but I’m a rebel and will probably wear it paired with Bronzer through every month of the year.

The formula itself is very silky and blends easily. You absolutely do not need a lot to get the color payoff you want, so be careful or you’ll look like Bridget Jones from the Edge of Reason! You all know what scene I am talking about. Any skin tone can wear this blush. I have a light olive complexion and have used it on clients all the way to deep skin tones.

For the $36 pricetag, this product will last you the rest of your life, so definitely make the investment if you are a blush lover like me. The packaging minus the mirror is also compostable, so you’re doing your part in keeping the world beautiful, too.

You can view this product and all of their other Color Sweep blushes on Beautycounter’s website here.

Makeup Artist

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